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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is your biggest asset. Cosmetic dentistry aims at creating a positive change to your teeth and smile.
We understand that a healthy, bright smile makes you more beautiful, appealing and confident and we aim to give you that.


Your smile is recreated to best suit your face.

At our centre, we recreate smiles for patients and make them feel more confident. The designing procedure starts with taking history of patient and taking into note what changes they expect. This is followed by :

  • Pre-operative Photographs : Before the start of smile designing treatment, photographs are taken to assess the smile of patient and design a treatment plan.
  • Digital Designing : At our centre we use digital smile designing software wherein using the software, we prepare a mock up of how the patient would look after smile designing treatment.
  • Mockups : Patient is shown before the start of the treatment, what the final result will be. After the patient approves it, using composite or pocelain veneers, smile designing is done.
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(Digital Smile Designing)

If you have :

  • Gaps in your teeth.
  • Yellow teeth.
  • Crooked teeth.
  • Unhappy with your smile.

You are eligible to get porcelain veneer. This is most popular treatment amongst celebrities . In this porcelain laminate/veneer is used which is a wafer thin shell (0.7-1mm) made of porcelain and bonded to front surface of tooth.

Steps in porcelain venner preparation :

1st appointment - Comprehensive consultation is done, impression of dental arches are taken and models are made and sent to lab.
2nd appointment - 0.5-1 mm of front surface of tooth is prepared. After that temporary veneer is bonded to tooth.
3rd appointment - After a few days when the lab sends the veneer back, they are tried on the patients and once everything is approved, veneer is permanently bonded to tooth surface.

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(Porcelain Veneers)

These are just like porcelain veneer except that they are done chairside on the patient and not in lab. The color of tooth is matched with color of composite and then placed on tooth.

Step 1

  • Digital smile designing or mock up is performed on patient.

Step 2

  • Once patient approves it, incremental layering of composite is carried out.

Step 3

  • After 24hours, finishing and polishing of veneer is carried out.
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  • Tooth whitening (cosmetic procedure desgined to remove stains, brighten teeth without altering the shape of teeth).
  • At home bleaching - At home bleach trays are made which are carried home by the patient along with the bleaching agent.
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(Home Bleach)

  • In-office bleaching - Bleaching is done by the dentist in the clinic.
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(Office Bleach)

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